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TDS arguably the most important feature in a quality reel, provides the smoothest & strongest stopping power in the business. BRUTALADES Tournament Drag System is specifically engineer to provide reduced start-up inertia, protecting light lines from aggressive fish strikes. Precisely balanced to apply perfect pressure, at every moment of the fight the TDS delivers the ultimate in stopping power. With reduced pulsing & computer designed drag washers there's not a fish on earth that can out fight the incredible stopping power of the BRUTALADE Tournament Drag System.


Magsealed bearing provide the ultimate protection against element intrusion, designed to attenuate the overall impact that comes with heavy fishing. Brutalade Magsealed bearings maintain rotation smoothness, reducing line twist & elemental friction on the reel, leading to a fishing reel that stays smooth & lasts longer. The inclusion of Brutalades Magsealed bearings with an massive 10+ bearing count will not only contribute to unbeatable performance & rust protection. The increase bearing count promotes far less friction than that of reels with low bearing count, leading to superior smoothness & bearings that last a life time. Brutalade has taken the addition step to include Magna Tech Oil all our bearings, adding yet another layer of protection & contributing to the smoothness reels on the market.



Amazing strength and durability at the heart of the reel. The HAGANA gear is the life blood beneath the reels exterior. Powered by BRUTALADES state of the art technology, the HAGANA gear system provides the perfect balance between smoothness & torque. Striking balance allows for perfect friction, ensuring the heart of the reel is set to perform for a lifetime of crash & bash fishing.


Intricately designed to enhance retrieve power, the fundamental drive gear & worm-shaft pinion have been carefully designed on 3D generated models. Repeatedly tested with the latest software technology to deliver a precisely balanced retrieve system that eliminates the smallest clearance gaps. The final result, an incredibly responsiveness & powerful retrieve system that allows you to control retrieve torque with ease.



Element Guard, the core of longevity provides durability & smoothness for the life of the reel. Utilising the most resistant materials during manufacture, strengthens not only reel performance but increases the reels resistance to the crash & bash of the blue water world. Combined with specialised magnetic attract lubricant during final staged of completion provides the foundation for a lifetime of hard fishing.



Combing premium materials with ground braking technology has allowed for the development of the hardest fighting drag we've ever produced. Increasing the surface area of the inner spool, has allowed us to incorporate bigger & tougher drag stacks in our reels. Supported by viscosity changing lubricant that helps delivery a smooth & strong drag providing drag power unmatched by any reel in it's class.



To achieve total protection, safeguarding the heart of the reel from the toughest of elements, Core-shield came to inception. This revolutionary technology, creates a impenetrable barrier, by sealing the inner gears from saltwater intrusion. Core-shield involves the sealing the roller clutch, the body & the line roller, resulting in unparalleled durability.




To achieve an oscillation system that provides optimal line lay during winding & prevents loss of energy during casting. Creators developed the ROBUSTA POWER, a specially designed  gravity neutral worm-gear, with a uniquely designed pitch to allow for precision line lay. The results smooth friction free gears that glide with ease, this results in perfect line lay during retrieve & prevent lapping during cast.

The Brutalade Air-Spool features a tapered front lip that reduces the diameter of the line coils supplied to the rod guides when casting. Friction tested & 3D computer modelled for optimum casting distance, the Air-Spool is especially helpful for land based anglers, allowing you hit those schools of fish or structures that are usually just out of range.




Magna Tech Break System MTBS is designed for ultra lightweight finesse fishing and uses a magnet moving mechanism that is mounted on the internal frame of the reel not the spool. This reduced the need for friction causing break system, helping increase the sensitivity & life of the reel. With an adjustable side control setting the spool in able to move frictionless, whilst still providing unbelievable stopping power.


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